Dedicated to the passion and pursuit of hunting Snipe
The Flush
The Challenge
The Taste

The excitement of a Snipe flush will test the nerves and skills of every upland hunter.

The commitment to walk the marsh in search of good cover will challenge your strength and desire.

And the taste is guaranteed to delight your palette.


 If Snipe and Woodcock are cousins, and a Woodcock is affectionately nicknamed a Timberdoodle, then I declare

that a Snipe is a Marshdoodle. 

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Better Over
a Brittany

Remi, our first bird-dog, came to us through Florida Brittany Rescue in 2016. His training on Snipe and Quail started at the end of the 2017 season, with his first few Snipe points under his belt. We’re training with the NAVHDA Palmetto Chapter in central Florida and getting ready for the fall season.  

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