My Story

It Starts with Family

Family love and support is at the root of it all. I’m blessed to be surrounded by my beautiful wife Robyn and our son Hunter, living in Southwest Florida. Robyn is the original entrepreneur in the house and the impressive chef and brains behind (@grillgirlrobyn), where you will also find our wild game cooking experiences documented. Hunter is my mini-me, and I can’t wait to build a lifetime of memories with him in the field.

The Day Job

When I’m not daydreaming about wingshooting, I run marketing and sales strategy for an ad agency, helping my technology clients grow their business. It’s a perfect way for me to blend my design and creative roots with an earlier career in technology. Marshdoodle lets me apply everything I know about building brands and marketing to where my heart really lies.    

Becoming a Hunter

I spent an entire childhood roaming the woods and fishing in New Jersey but didn’t grow up hunting. However, those back woods experiences building tree forts, bumping whitetails, and watching clouds of geese and mallards land in flooded timber formed the foundation. It wasn’t until I moved to Montana in college that I began a slow, methodical, and spiritual, but unavoidable pull, to becoming a hunter. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to cut my teeth as a new hunter than in Montana, pursuing waterfowl, Pheasant, Grouse, Whitetail, Mule Deer, Elk, and Antelope. I still long for those days where I could walk out of my door down to the Clark Fork River to jump shoot Greenheads and flush Grouse. Today in Florida, I concentrate on upland and waterfowl.   

The Marshdoodle Story

Upland hunting has always held a special place in my soul. The action and experiences of working with dogs, flushing birds, and traversing amazing landscapes are unmatched. But upland hunting in Florida is hard… super hard. Public land for Quail is highly coveted and most good cover is a full day away. The limitation turned into opportunity when I started reading about Snipe hunting. I was hooked long before the first flush and knew the first bird would cement it.

Snipe Needed
Some Love

After seeing what some really inspiring guys like @projectupland, @fetching_feathers, @upland_lowlife, and @Hispter_Woodsman are doing to bring their passion, personal creativity, and brands to the upland community, I wanted to do the same for Snipe. Snipe hunting has all the tenants that make for storied traditions like opening day in the blind or an evening at grouse camp but lacked a rallying cry to unite the community.      

Enter Marshdoodle

The name marshdoodle was born after researching Snipe and learning their close relation with Woodcock, under the Scolopacidae family. Then I started thinking. Woodcock live in thick, new growth timber, are generally hunted in the northern regions, and most endearing, are affectionately nicknamed Timberdoodle. Snipe on the other hand live in the marsh and low country, are generally hunted in the southern regions and are affectionately known as a…